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I saw that thing in the azure sky,
It was a sunny day and glee was at its high.
I saw there a group of teens talking,
And I started eavesdropping.
They talked about this and that,
They talked about that branded hat,
They talked about love and being loved,
They talked about this guy and that girl and how to them they unloved.
They imagined a world where happiness was fake,
They imagined a world where they didn’t work on themselves, but worked with others feelings quiet well.
I was all shattered and upset,
Seeing their depths.
Suddenly I see, a group of eight,
All seemingly buddies, destined to meet at this date.
They were hopping and dancing under that colourful bliss,
They seemed happy and enamoured and away from the hurt.
They talked about life and love,
They talked about how silent and peaceful seemed the dove.
They talked about caring and enjoying,
They talked about living in the real sense and not destroying.
They were talking and the buddies were having fun.
I stood their in between them,
Where do I actually belong?
The eight were defeated in love and forgot to move above,
They were stuck but they were thankful and happy.
The others kept loving and unloving,
For them, it seemed, people didn’t matter much,
They could step on you and move as if it were mere dust.
What do I do? Which path do I choose?
My brain started to wander.
But suddenly someone again pops up,
Hey, that’s my heart that said,
“Be who you are,
So what, if they call you crazy and compare you to a baby,
So what, if they don’t like you and your misery,
So what if you aren’t pretty and their standards are elevated,
So What!!
Just Remember You are the one whom you can rely on.”
And after this monologue by none, but my organ,
I had a tear welled up.
It touched my cheek, reached my lip and that little droplet touched the grass.
The Rainbow in that deep blue heaven showed bright and beautiful.
And it started to rain.
A rain of free will, a rain signifying triumph, a rain from that rainbowed sky.
It was sunny and it was raining,
And then there was that Rainbow standing and gazing!





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