It’s often said and abided to:
“Forgiveness is pride and has never died,
You understand this only when you have tried”.

And that’s what my heart says now, therefore;

I forgive you for not being there by my side,
When I was swinging between death and life.

I forgive you for being the reason of those tears rolling down my eyes,
Which have never known the sorrows before.

I forgive you for giving me those lifelong agonies,
Which no matter how hard I try to ebb out but will memorize.

I forgive you, but not for you; but for letting the past fade,
the past of those sleepless nights and unwanted fights,
Which I have now set free for no longer burdening me up.

I forgive you, not for the wrong you did,
But for the reason you made me so strong,
so strong to face, this nasty society like a self-reliant.

I forgive you, because it honours the sorrow that hurts and lightens the heavy heart that curse……