She gingerly touched the lush grass,

The dew on them making her fingertips misty, 

She breathed in the invigorating air,

The essence of wet mud, the newly grown leaves on the tree,

She felt content. 

She felt a strange emotion in her,

Gasping for air, she stood up and followed her feet. 

Her chest constricting as she looked back, 

She wanted to halt, scream for some reason but didn’t.

Her eyes wandered around as she took in the place,

Her destination. 

She looked up, a castle, a palace or perhaps, an

abandoned haunted mansion, 

She couldn’t put a name, she was bewitched. 

She crept through the front steps as the door creaked


the darkness inside crept her, blinded her for a 

moment but slowly, the antiquated candles lit up as she

 scanned the big sumptuous hall. 

She wanted to stop, touch the old books,

The paintings hung on the walls but her feet began, 

Her chest hammering as she went up the stairs,

Tired but curiosity ignited in her. 

She opened a dark room, the spider webs tangled her 

fingers and then,

There was the spinning wheel, the spindle beaming under 

the little sunlight, sparkling like a star. 

She felt melancholic as she stepped in front of it, 

She was drawn like a moth to a flame,

She raised her hand, her breath hitching as she gulped 

with fear and painfully touched the tip and then, 

Everything went black.