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Behold the fascination, 

O’ curious wanderer!

For you are about to enter

the boundaries of

a magical land….

Here the brilliant sun rises free,

shying away behind the mystical valleys.

The snow-capped peaks

of the legendary Himalayas,

towers into the infinite blue sky.

Here a breath of pure breeze, 

elates all life and soul,

as the sparkling rivers channel down,

in a symphony of viol.

A magnificent expanse

of lush green forests, 

becomes the home of exotic wild.

While it’s exquisite serendipity,

manifests a traveller’s paradise. 

O’ curious wanderer, 

Let the wonderful heritage enrich one and all,

here the fables of gallant heroes beckon you.

The rich culture of the citizens,

etch a mark across the world;

as their wholesome gestures 

make memories of gold.

It’s the abode of skilled artisans,

who create the most sensational crafts.

their incredibly sweet language,

heals all agony and hearts.

Behold the fascination, 

O’ curious wanderer!

Let the gorgeous beauty enchant you,

as you enter this place of delight,

creating permanent moments anew.

Come forth, curious wanderer,

To the crown of Bengal!

The magical place which welcomes all


The first rays of the breaking dawn

embrace my coarse feet;

As I wonder

How many days it’s been,

Since my soul ceased to exist.

It was a long time ago 

when I set sail;

Trying to escape the wretched humans

In the pursuit of finding,

my true place of belonging.

Time had stagnated for me,

as I was caught in the

infinite weblocks of patience,

Stretching endlessly 

In my inner horizon.

But the void in my heart

was even bigger.

Trapped in oblivion, 

my psyche goes wild. 

My existence is fruitless

For this pathetic world.

Yet, I ask myself

“Do I deserve to live?”

Questions remain unanswered.

The serene river flows,

the sound of my beating heart

resonates through my body.

Drowned in sublime serendipity;

I rejoice,

the never-ending journey.

But I am alone no more.

The sun warms me up,

with its vibrant smile.

The ripples of the water

speak to me,

in sparkling delight.

The subtle breeze,

heals all melancholy.

This is how it must feel,

to be taken care of,

to be loved,


The sluttish time never halts,

The rising sun tells a tale….

That it’s another new day.

But the world still moves on….

Without me.


She gingerly touched the lush grass,

The dew on them making her fingertips misty, 

She breathed in the invigorating air,

The essence of wet mud, the newly grown leaves on the tree,

She felt content. 

She felt a strange emotion in her,

Gasping for air, she stood up and followed her feet. 

Her chest constricting as she looked back, 

She wanted to halt, scream for some reason but didn’t.

Her eyes wandered around as she took in the place,

Her destination. 

She looked up, a castle, a palace or perhaps, an

abandoned haunted mansion, 

She couldn’t put a name, she was bewitched. 

She crept through the front steps as the door creaked


the darkness inside crept her, blinded her for a 

moment but slowly, the antiquated candles lit up as she

 scanned the big sumptuous hall. 

She wanted to stop, touch the old books,

The paintings hung on the walls but her feet began, 

Her chest hammering as she went up the stairs,

Tired but curiosity ignited in her. 

She opened a dark room, the spider webs tangled her 

fingers and then,

There was the spinning wheel, the spindle beaming under 

the little sunlight, sparkling like a star. 

She felt melancholic as she stepped in front of it, 

She was drawn like a moth to a flame,

She raised her hand, her breath hitching as she gulped 

with fear and painfully touched the tip and then, 

Everything went black.


How broken is the heart that wails the loss of a beloved
The unending saga of devotion
is now a fragmentary account
The tranquilizing memories
are now painful reminders
The lost sense of touch
is a testimony to the reality

How broken is the heart that wails the loss of a beloved
Those perky moments
are the ones now being longed for
Those momentous conversations
are the ones that are in vain
The only gratifying feelings
are now disposed towards neglect

How broken is the heart that wails the loss of a beloved


“Hey, black boy,” they shouted out,

Millions of eyes on me,

Some with rage,

And some with judgement.

This was because I was black.

They gave us the place to live, mom said.

But this space makes me choke,

And for days striving for breath.

They say I’m ugly,

But I didn’t choose to be this way.

One of god’s creation, I say.

My skin is not me,

And doesn’t decide what’s in me.

Trying to survive for a long time back,

Always being harassed and,

Always feared attack.

Passing through cops yelling and

Huge roads being blocked,

For many more similar days to come

I’ll never stop walking for freedom


 Sisyphus has finally neared the top. This is the end of one lifetime.

He has lost his ability to poetry about the struggle. Camus lied. The journey only fills a man’s heart but once.

Whatever he has ever desired is forever lost along the length of his nape. The mountain never was the longest distance.

He has the inability to pray.


Do not kill a poet’s heart 

Do not put an end to her start 

With gleaming eyes, a poet writes 

With her words, the world she lights 


You come home from work,

I rush to greet you.

You don’t look at me at all,

I can tell this for sure .


A process of gradually changing over time, 

A process our genes passed; old yet shine, 

Yes we evolved, biologically and in more logical terms, 

Unfolded many mysteries, felt paths taking turns. 


You ever think about how technically nothing is ever that much of a big deal? That being a decent human isn’t a big deal to someone. That being sexually active isn’t that big a deal to someone. That maybe for someone being part of the queer spectrum isn’t a cause of tension. Or that maybe feeling a distinct lack of sexual attraction isn’t a big deal to someone.


A single pound spent on butter-cake melted my heart,

But you breached my happiness, you stole my credit card. 

Expecting me not to buy that silk dress, my curves would flaunt more. 

My bodyweight didn’t bother me but finding dieticians was your concern.


Some days it’s hard to believe in yourself, 

Some days make you realise you’re a gem 

Some days it’s hard to believe in miracles, 

But some days make you believe in them 


Oh What a Day!
You know what? It was raining today.
Rain, Rain, I thought of seeing you,
Were you the reason behind her precious smiles?
Or were you the aid that helped her hide the tears that she had been carrying for miles?


I saw that thing in the azure sky,
It was a sunny day and glee was at its high.
I saw there a group of teens talking,
And I started eavesdropping.


It’s often said and abided to:
“Forgiveness is pride and has never died,
You understand this only when you have tried”.

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